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Circle Block

Circle Block options:

  • Link URL – insert a link URL for your circle’s text.
    To insert your circle’s text, add it directly to the block.
  • Size – set the circle size in pixels.
  • Font size – set the text font size in pixels.
  • Border width – set the circle border width.
  • Text color – set the text color.
  • Text color (mouse over) – set the text hover color.
  • Background color – set the circle background color.
  • Background color (mouse over) – set the circle background hover color
  • Border color – set the circle border color.
  • Border color (mouse over) – set the circle border hover color.
  • Class – add a custom CSS class to your circle.
  • ID – add a custom CSS ID to your circle.
  • Style – add an inline CSS style to your circle.