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How to customize social media profiles / icons?

Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Social media profiles then you will see following options:

Open social links in new tabs/windows (checkbox)
Social links color

  • Main theme colors (default)
  • Colored on mouse over
  • Full color

Social links shape

  • Square (default)
  • Rounded
  • Round

Social links type

  • Boxed (default)
  • Unboxed
  • Outline
  • Double
  • Simple
  • Vista
  • Classic

Hide RSS link (checkbox)

Custom RSS (text field)
Facebook (text field)
Twitter (text field)
Google+ (text field)
LinkedIn (text field)
Pinterest (text field)
Instagram (text field)
Dribbble (text field)
Tumblr (text field)
Reddit (text field)
Yahoo (text field)
DeviantArt (text field)
Vimeo (text field)
YouTube (text field)
Digg (text field)
Flickr (text field)
Skype (text field)
PayPal (text field)
Dropbox (text field)
SoundCloud (text field)
VK (text field)
Behance (text field)
GitHub (text field)
StumbleUpon (text field)
Last.fm (text field)
E-mail (text field)