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How to add a new portfolio project in Multi WordPress Theme?

To add a new project to your portfolio, go to Dashboard > Projects > Add new.

In the sidebar on the right, you’ll find Document options:

  • Status & Visibility
    • Visibility – choose whether your project page should be public, private, or password protected.
    • Publish – publish your project immediately or schedule it for later.
    • Move to trash – delete your project by moving it to trash folder.
  • Permalink
    • URL Slug – insert URL slug to customize your page’s permalink.
  • Project categories
  • Featured image – set a featured image for your project. Use an image from your WordPress Media Library or upload a file from your computer.
  • Excerpt – you can add an excerpt for your project page here.
  • Multi Display Options
    • Title – display or hide your project’s title.
    • Site subheader – display or hide site subheader.
    • Breadcrumbs – display or hide breadcrumbs.
    • Top slider – display featured posts, related posts, latest posts, or hide the slider.
    • Featured image – display or hide featured image.
    • Sidebar position – display the sidebar on the right, left, or hide it.
    • Post layout – choose post layout from Standard, Full width header or Full width header with image.
    • Site header – set the header to: default, fully transparent, transparent with background, transparent with shadow, transparent with border, or hide it.
    • Side footer – show or hide site footer.
    • Content bottom margin – set the bottom content margin in pixels.
    • Set as featured  – mark the project as featured.
  • Multi Project Layout
    • Project layout – set the project layout to half page project image or full width project image.
    • Thumbnail link target – set the link target to project page or image lightbox.
      Links on project thumbnail overlay:
    • “View” link – set the link visibility to on or off.
    • “Go” link – set the link visibility to on or off.