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How to Add and Customize a Cookie Banner in Multi WordPress Theme?

To add and customize a cookie banner on your page, go to Appearance > Customize > Cookie banner and use the following menus:


  • Display cookie banner – choose whether to enable or disable the cookie banner on your page.
  • Cookie banner text – add the cookie banner text. Any occurrence of “” string will be replaced by a link based on the settings below. Leave this field empty to disable the cookie banner.
  • Link text – set the link text.
  • Link URL – set the link URL.
  • Display close link – display the “close” link on the cookie banner.
  • Display button – display a button on the cookie banner.


  • Position – set the cookie banner position to Top, Top (fixed), or Bottom (fixed).
  • Top padding – set the top padding using pixels.
  • Bottom padding – set the bottom padding using pixels.
  • Border width – set the border width using pixels.
  • Border color – set the banner border color.
  • Background color – set the banner background color.
  • Font size – set the banner font size.
  • Text color – set the banner text color.
  • Link color – set the link color.
  • Link hover color – set the link hover color.

Button – use these options if you checked “Display button” in the Cookie banner > Content menu panel.

  • Button text – add button text.
  • Button background color – set the button background color.
  • Button background color on hover – set the button background color on hover.
  • Button gradient color – set the button gradient color.
  • Button gradient color on hover – set the button gradient color on hover.
  • Button text color – set the button text color.
  • Button text color on hover – set the button text color on hover.
  • Button border color – set the button border color.
  • Button border color on hover – set the button border color on hover.
  • Button top border width – set the top button border width using pixels.
  • Button right border width – set the right button border width using pixels.
  • Button bottom border width – set the bottom button border width using pixels.
  • Button left border width – set the left button border width using pixels.