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How to Change the Page Background in Multi WordPress Theme?

In Multi, you can add a background image in two different ways.

Content background

To add or change your page’s content background image, from your WordPress Dashboard go to Appearance > Customize > Layout. Use the Content background image option to choose a background image from your WordPress Media Library.

To change the background colors, go to Appearance > Customize > Colors and choose a color using the Content background color option.

Website background image

To add a background image to your website, go to Appearance > Customize > Background image. You’ll find the following options:

  • Background Image – choose a background image from your WordPress Media Library or upload a file from your computer.
  • Preset – choose one of preset settings types, or set it to custom to select the variants individually.
  • Image Position – set the background image position.
  • Image Size – set the background image size options, choosing from original, fit to screen, and fill screen.
  • Repeat Background Image – choose whether to repeat the background image.
  • Scroll with Page – choose whether to fix the image in its position, or make it sticky while scrolling the page.