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How to Customize Breadcrumbs in Multi WordPress Theme?

To create unique breadcrumbs styling, go to Appearance > Customize > Breadcrumbs and use Multi’s many customization options:

  • Show breadcrumbs – choose whether to display breadcrumbs throughout your website. This option may be overridden by individual posts and pages settings.
  • Show breadcrumbs on home page – choose whether to show breadcrumbs on your home page.
  • Show current page title – choose whether to include current page or post title in breadcrumbs.
  • Show border – you can show or hide the bottom breadcrumbs panel border.
    Note: to change the color of the border, go to Customize > Colors > Borders color. This option changes global border colors on your website.
  • Breadcrumb text color – set the breadcrumb text color.
  • Breadcrumb link color – set the breadcrumb link color.
  • Breadcrumb link hover color – set the breadcrumb link hover color.
  • Breadcrumbs background color – set the background color for the breadcrumbs panel.
  • Breadcrumbs background image – set the background image for the breadcrumbs panel. Use an image from your WordPress Media Library or upload a file directly from your computer.
  • Background image size – set the size of the background image, choosing from auto, cover, and contain.
  • Repeat background image – you can choose to repeat the background image, to repeat just horizontally or just vertically, or not to repeat at all.
  • Breadcrumbs separator – set the breadcrumb separator to a character of your choice.