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How to Customize Forms in Multi WordPress Theme?

You can customize the style of all the forms in one place, using the following options in Appearance > Customize > Forms menu:

  • Form label color
  • Floating label position – this option applies to fields with labels within elements with appropriate CSS class.
  • Floating label background color
  • Floating label font size
  • Floating label line height
  • Form input and select height
  • Form field top border width
  • Form field top border color
  • Form field right border width
  • Form field right border color
  • Form field bottom border width
  • Form field bottom border color
  • Form field left border width
  • Form field left border color
  • Form field border color on focus
  • Form field border radius
  • Form text color
  • Form placeholder text color
  • Form background color
  • Header search form background on mobile
  • Header search form input background on mobile
  • Search form border radius