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How to Customize General Options in Multi WordPress Theme?

To set the general customization options for your Multi website, from your WordPress Dashboard go to Appearance > Customize > General. This option panel will allow you to set global options for functionality and styling:

  • Show fancy borders on images – set a decorative border for your images. You can override this setting in Image Blocks options.
  • Hover effect on linked images – if the image is linking to another page, you can choose its mouse hover effect from light up, zoom, light up and zoom, or disable the hover effect by choosing none.
  • Special heading style – set the global style for special headings. This option can be overridden in Special Heading Blocks options.
  • Choose icon set – choose the icon set for your website. Icon set is used for general theme elements (arrows, navigation, search, cart, comment, check, etc.). You can choose from: Multi, Pika, Gizmo, Raw, iOS Wired, Font Awesome.
  • Tabs style – set the global tabs style from default and alternative. This option can be overridden in Tabs Blocks options.
  • Customize scrollbars – you can use customized scrollbars instead of those provided by your system.
  • Scrollbar track color – set the scrollbar track color.
  • Scrollbar handle color – set the scrollbar handle color.
  • Scrollbar width – set the scrollbar width in pixels.