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How to Customize Header Logo Display in Multi WordPress Theme?

Multi Theme allows you to customize your site’s logo display and sizes with many options available in Theme Customizer.

Go to Appearance > Customize > Header > Layout and choose logo positioning:

  • Logo position in header
    • Left top
    • Left bottom
    • Center top
    • Center bottom
    • Right top
    • Right bottom
  • Move header elements towards centered logo – you can set the logo to center position and align other header elements to it in the center of the header.

In Appearance > Customize > Header > Sticky header settings

  • Logo in sticky header max height – set the maximum logo height in sticky header. Use pixels.
  • Logo in sticky header – you can add a custom logo for when the header is sticky. Just choose an image from your WordPress Media Library or upload a file from your computer.
  • Sticky header logo width – set the custom logo width in pixels.
  • Sticky header logo height – set the custom logo height in pixels.

In Appearance > Customize > Header > Mobile settings

  • Logo max height on mobile – set the maximum logo height for mobile devices. Use pixels.
  • Sticky header: logo height on mobile – set the logo height for the sticky header on mobile devices. Use pixels.
  • Logo position on mobile – set the logo position on mobile devices, choosing from left, center and right.