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How to Customize Typography in Multi WordPress Theme?

Multi lets you design your typography from A to Z!

From your WordPress Dashboard, go to Appearance > Customize > Typography. Here you’ll find the following submenus and many typography options:

Primary font

  • Primary font
  • Primary font (from Google Fonts)
  • Subsetting
  • Available weights

Secondary font

  • Secondary font
  • Secondary font (grom Google Fonts)
  • Subsetting
  • Available weights

Font sizes and weights

  • Body font size
  • Body letter spacing [px]
  • Body line height
  • Body line height unit
  • Body font weight
  • Dropdown menu font size

Header menu 

  • Header menu font
  • Header menu font size
  • Header menu font weight


  • H1 font
  • Default H1 font size
  • H2 font
  • Default H2 font size
  • H3 font
  • Default H3 font size
  • H4 font
  • Default H4 font size
  • Default H5 font size
  • H6 font
  • Default H6 font size
  • Heading font weight
  • Special headings font
  • Special headings font size

Other typography settings

  • Font display – determine the font on page loading. Swap: the font is rendered in a fallback font while the page is loading, Block – the text is rendered as an invisible font while the page is loading.
  • Default blockquote font size
  • Widget title font
  • Widget title font size