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Icon Block

Icon Block options:

  • Block position – set the block position to left, center or right. This option is available at the top options panel.
  • Icon set – choose the icon set from Multi, Font Awesome solid, Font Awesome regular and Font Awesome brands.
  • Icon – select the icon. You can use its name for an easier search.
  • Top margin – set the top margin. Use any CSS-compatible margin value.
  • Bottom margin – set the bottom margin. Use any CSS-compatible margin value.
  • Icon size – set the icon size.
  • Custom icon size (in px) – set the custom icon size. This option requires choosing custom size in icon size option dropdown menu above.
  • Icon color – set the icon color.
  • Background color – set the icon background color.
  • Circled background – make the icon background round.
  • Animation – you can add animation to your icon.
  • Animation delay (in milliseconds) – set animation delay.
  • Animate anytime this block enters the viewport – you can choose to animate the block anytime it enters the viewport, instead of only once.
  • Class – add a custom CSS class to your icon.
  • ID – add a custom CSS ID to your icon.
  • Style – add an inline CSS style to your icon.