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Icon Progress Block

Icon progress Block options:

  • Block position – set the position of your progress bar to left, center or right. This option is available at the top block options panel.
  • Label – add and edit your icon progress bar’s label (title) directly in the block editor.
  • Active number – set the number of active icons.
  • Inactive number – set the number of inactive icons.
  • Animation speed – set the animation speed in milliseconds.
  • Image – alternatively, you can add an image instead of an icon. Choose an image from your WordPress Media Library or upload a file from your computer.
  • Image alternative text – add image alt text.
  • Image width – set image width in pixels.
  • Image height – set image height in pixels.
  • Icon – choose an icon for the progress bar.
  • Icon set – choose the icon set from Multi, Font Awesome solid, Font Awesome regular and Font Awesome brands.
  • Icon size – set icon’s size in pixels.
  • Icon spacing – set the spaces between the icons in your progress bar using pixels.
  • Active icon color – set active icons’ color.
  • Inactive icon color – set inactive icons’ color.
  • Active icon background color – set active icons’ background color.
  • Inactive icon background color – set inactive icons’ background color.
  • Class – add a custom CSS class to your icon progress bar.
  • ID – add a custom CSS ID to your icon progress bar.
  • Style – add an inline CSS style to your icon progress bar.