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How to install dummy data?

In order to install dummy data please follow the steps below (order of step is important):

Activate theme

Activate theme

Begin installing all necessary plugins

Import demo step 1

Install all recommended and required plugins

Import demo step 2

Activate all recommended and required plugins

Import demo step 3

Import demo step 4

Run the Setup Wizard for WooCommerce

Import demo step 5

Import demo with “One Click Demo Data”

Import demo step 8

Import demo step 7

Deactivate “One Click Demo Import” plugin

Deactivate One Click Demo Import Plugin

Notes: After installation we recommend you to regenerate images or simply replace placeholder images to your own images. If you want to change some global theme settings (like logo, position of sidebars, colors, typography, etc.) then please go to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize. Please have a look here for more details. If you need more details about shortcodes parameters with exemplary usage then please have a look here.

You can also use Visual Composer templates or find them in clean-cutta-full-package/Dummy data/visual-composer-pages. If you need just shortcodes (like we used on our demo) then you can find them in clean-cutta-full-package/Dummy data/shortcodes-pages/.